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Date: December 29th 1916
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel ave
Greenwich S.E

Dec 29th 16

Dearest Mother

rec your registerd letter Wedensday morning with the $10. in thanks very much. I will us it to go to Scotland on. But I am not very sure of going as yet I was trying to get away new years time, But can not, so am going to try and get away for 6 days right after the new year, But if I can’t. I will have a big Blow out new years eve, & have a big Dinner on New years day, But will have a good time on it any way had a very nice time on Xmas Was out to Florence grave on Xmas Morning had dinner at Mrs Jones place, & spent evening at Mrs Catts place. the Place where I us to Billet, And sure had a nice lievely evening did not get home untell 3 A.M, & was not Drunk eather, and on Boxing day I spent with Stokey at her home, had a real nice time, she is a Beautiful girl, and we are great friends now, she is another girl just like Florence the girl that stood up with us at our wedding. the one in Wedding group.

I have been working sense Wedensday morning, But sure don’t feel much like work after my Xmas holedays, I rec $10 from Dad in a letter yesturday, so that is two $10 Bills I have got for Xmas, I also rec a parcel from aunt Bert, a real nice parcel too, I am sure it was very kind of her to send it, so must write & thank her very much for it. Yes Mother I have rec all the money you sent all O.K. But I have lost my rank as Corporal through Sam Haughs geting out of it, I think the shop is closing down after the new year. But. Will let you know later. I am feeling fine now, and my cold is not so bad. had a letter from Bert Mac Kay today. he is all O.K. Gee we sure have had some very bad fogs of late Wedensday night it was so bad we could hardly find our way home, real London Black fogs. you can light a cigarette and hold in front of your face & you can not see it, and. it is very hard to get your Brith too. Well Mother I guess this is all for now. Will Write again next week, thanking you again for your Present With all my love I am as ever your Loving Son Harold

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Original Scans

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