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Date: June 24th 1917
Harold Irwin

#2339 Corp HL Irwin
C. E. T. D.
Crowborough Camp.

June 24th 17

Dearest Mother

I rec a letter from you this week. & see you are stell in the land of living, Will I am at same old Place and no sign of even going to France. not even training just laying around doing nothing, I am [?] orderly sergt. all the time and was up for office the other day. for being 50 minutes late geting into camp, & had to go in front of O.C. But was adminished, first Crime sense I joined the Army. & Hope it is not the last one, I have been in Army now for over two years, And I have got one good conduct [?] now, & Dont care if I ever get another one, one is enough. to Please me & I hope I will be out of army befor it is time for the seconnd striep,

Say Mother you where saying Some thing about Dorthy Hunters Husband Sapper Eldin, But you did not give me his number & that is the main thing in the Army, never mind the name as long as I have the number you can find any one, so if you send me his number I will look him up. But as there is nearly 5000 Engineers in this Camp & six Companys so you can see how hard it is to find any one, we are having very nice weather of late, it rains a lettle But we nead it a great deal as every thing is so dry.

Will Mother it is very lonely around this Camp some times, as there is no place to go & nothing to see, I have a lettle Lady friend down here, But she works in a Hotel & is only alowd out one night a week, so can’t see her very often; And that is about the only time I ever leave the Camp is just to go down & see her once a week, she is a vey nice lettle Country girl, & she thinks the world of me., But she is only a pass time for me, out of sight out of mind, here is a fue snaps & hade taken with the girls here, I have eather one I want of these two, they both like me very much; Bless there dear lettle heart I Love them all the same, except for the lettle girl Ediea in Islington, I really do care a lot for her, she is a real lettle Darling, dont foreget to write to her, I will give you some of my other girls addresses some day, & you can write to them too, they all Love me. & think they only one, And they are all going back to Canada with me

Will Mother I guess I will close now & go to bed., as there is nothing else to do, & I have no news at all, So Hoping you are all well as it leavs me the very best, And I am as ever befor your Loving Son.


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