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Date: February 5th 1917
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel Ave
Greenwich S.E.

Feb 5th 17

Dearest Mother

I rec your letter & Post card from Los Angelas, and am very glad you like it down there, and I wish I was down there too, instead of this D__ Hole. we has two inches of snow here now & every thing is frozen up, we can not get any water in bath room at all, all Frozen up, I am sick of it all, But I hope America will be in the war befor the month is out. Maybe it will and the war sooner, But we will just have to wait & see I am stell at same old job, But am sick of it, same old thing day after day, And I feel Bum all the time, I have a very bad cold, can hardly talk, But feel a lettle better tonight, I’m going strait to bed as soon as I am finished this, I am sitting right up against fire now keeping good & warm so hope you can read this as I am writing it on my knee, I was at Apollo Theatre last Saturday evening took Stokey & her Mother & seen The Private Secertary again it was fine, had & good laugh any way.

I was up at Stokey’s place for tea on Sunday evening, Stokey & her Friends are giving a play to the poor children of Paddington, I must go & have a look at her playing, But Gee I wish I was down in Los Angelas Picking Oranges insted I think I would like to live in Los Angelas it must be a beautiful place, Maybe I will go down there after the war is over, But we must just wait & see, every thing is about the same here only very very cold, the coldest they have had it for years, just as cold at Manitoba, I have not hurd from any one only you now for over two weeks, I guess the mail is very badly tied up, I have not hurd of Bert for over a month now. I dont know where he is, But I guess some where in England, say Mother at any time you get a chance to spend any cigarettes, send them as they are very hard to get over here now, if only 10 or 20 at a time, and also if you can, send me a packet of Velvat or Tuckseado Tobbac, as we can’t get it over here at all, and it is the only kind of tobbac I like,

Will I don’t know any more knews at Present, glad you seen old Chloe again would like to see her my-self, I stell have rather a sneaky liking for Chloe, give her my love if you ever write her, Will by the time you rec this I guess you will be back in Vancouver again, so hope you had a nice tripe back, give my love to all at home, Will Write again next week, With all my love as ever I am as ever your loving son


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Original Scans

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