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Date: February 19th 1917
Harold Irwin

74 Tunnel Ave.

Feb. 19- 17

Dearest Mother

I have not rec your letter this week as yet or last week eather. But we must not expect mail on time these days, so I guess one will come later on in week, I rec a letter from Greta last week so will ans it tonight too, well I guess I will not be staying in London much longer we all have to go back to our units next month, all A Class men, But send all. my mail here untell I give you another address, Some of our boys went back last week. one of my chums has gone, Boby Taylor is stell here with me. he will be going back with me, next month, I am rather glad to get back out of this as I am very tired of it. Boby and I have changed our Bellets a lettle we stell sleep at same house & also have our Breackfast there, But we have our dinners & teas & suppers at any place we happen to be, I like it fine, it is a change any way, we have been eating at a lettle restaurant near our works, it is very good too, & cheep too,

I was at a good show last Saturday night with Boby Taylor it was fine too, called the Preffecers Love Store, we are going to take in a fue good chose now befor we go back, and on Sunday evening I was up to Stokey’s Place for tea, they always treat me fine up there, I have not been up to Mrs Jones place for over two weeks now, But I dont worry much about it now, I don’t think they worry about me, so why should I worry about them, But will go up again befor I go back any way, There is really no news at all around here now, every thing is about the same, all the snow as gone. And it is much warmer now, I am feeling real good now I cold is nearly all gone now, and am geting fat, But I guess I will get real fat once I get back to camp again, and have some more training again, I Hope you are all well at home now, and I guess you will be back in Vancouver again & sittled down, I have not hurd from Bert yet. I dont know where he is, maybe he has gone to France, it will be sometime befor I get to France as I will have to take all my training over again as I have foregot it all, it will be funny to Soldier again, it will be a change any way,

Will I have no news at all so will have to close. Hoping you are all Well, as it leaves me at present, Will say buy buy. for now. With love as ever, I am as ever your loving

Son Harold

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