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Date: February 12th 1942

Halifax N.S.

Feb. 12th 1942.

Hello Mom:-

How goes the blooming battle? And how is the family behaving? I’d sure like to stop in for supper to-night and then go to the show after.

Well were ashore now, and living in a rest camp at the pier. The beds are so close that if you were to roll out of your own you would inevitably roll into the next without hitting the floor. I’m fishing for a pass but so far have been unsuccessful don’t send me anymore money because I think Friday is payday and I should have enough to get along with. Thanks a lot you sure hit me when I needed it most though how you knew I cant figure out.

Ada and Charine and I went to the Capitol last night there was a swell show on and we enjoyed ourselves emmensly very much. Irene and Barbara were at the bus stop waiting to go home when we got there so I left the girls to go home to-gether, and then I went back to the camp. the rumour here is that we will be at least three weeks yet. So if I cant get a pass over there is going to be something doing.

Boy! oh! Boy! Halifax sure is a busy place “the cross roads of the empire is no idle place when talking about Halifax, because every kind of a country is represented here. You can see thousands of different uniforms on the streets here every day from a common little messenger boy all the way up to a Netherlands Captain who dresses like a French General.

This letter will have to do for the whole family because facilities for writing here aren’t half so good as they were on the ship. So ill say hello to yourself, Dad, Margaret, Mildred, Evelyn, Lennie, Verna and Cliff if he is home. Also say me to Dom and Mary and last but not least George. (the rat)

Right now I’m writing in the writers room of the K of C Hostel near the station, I had a swell shower and shave and now Im having to think about supper. Although its only twenty minutes to four.

Well so long for now, maybe Ill be seeing you before long


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