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Date: February 20th 1942

Halifax N.S.

Feb 20th 1942.

Dear Mom:-

How’s tricks, this is just a line to tell you that we are still in Halifax and likely to be for a few more days yet I didn’t get any pay yet but I am still trying, Im writing from Downings both the girls are in to-night, Monty is here and he just gave Irene her ring it had to be adjusted as it was too big, Ada is writing too as you should get lots of dope.

I inquired about the Polish marks and I find that they arent worth a cent a handful but by the time this war is over they may have collectors value as they are becoming quite rare the sergeant was surprised to see them and in a few minutes there were several more poles grouped around and gibbering to best the bond, They would have had a fair value in 1920 as the Polish Government was calling in all the money that had been issued since 1913 and paying a fraction of its value, so we missed out on that. the Poles say the original value of the mark in Poland was never fixed but he thinks that they averaged about a dollar to a dollar an a half per mark. So ill share them in this letter and you can hang on to them.

Tell Dad that I visited the museum to-day and spent the whole afternoon there, I intend going back there as soon as I can because I havent seen half of it yet, Cliff is comming up to-morrow so we may go to-gether I got a lot of dope on ammunitions and explosives that I didn’t have which makes me very happy

I still cant get that beautiful Dame that I met (over) on the town out of my mind. Its tough eh! her married and all that she sure would make me a happy boy no kiddin kid.

I see the Victory loon is reaching the ¼ mark. They have guide a marker up here. I think there was a picture of it in the Post record. Mr. Downing is selling Birds too and he goes as far away as Yarmouth I sure hope that little job pans out satisfactorily for Dad.

Well I guess this letter aint very interesting any more so I’ll shut up and go to ???! I have been trying to tell the girls all the news but my memory is Hellish so I aint having much success. I didn’t get my mail yet so I guess I’ll go to the same place I mention up there (???!)

So long for now



She’s married

P.S. I’m sending this with Ada’s also Polish money enclosed.

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