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Date: February 28th 1942

Halifax N.S.

Feb 28th 1942

Howdy Folks.

Just before going on board busy as hell right now so this wont tell you much. I wrote you last night any way, it looks like we will get away this time, Ill cable as soon as I arrive and Ill also start writing one of those epistles that Im so infamous for I gave you my address in my last letter so any mail you happen to have already written should be mailed there without fail.

There’s a lot of activity around here right now, every kind of a badge, medal, insignia and uniform imaginable is floating around here.

They are sending us in two boats this time because there are now more of us and also the boats are smaller, smaller but faster I hope. Well Im all packed and waiting for the word to go around over Ill mail this here and trust to luck that it gets to you O.K. and that it doesn’t suffer too much from the censors

I hope Irene’s wedding is a huge success and that they are the same as the story book lovers that lived happily ever after, they have had an example of how to be happy though married from the Downings.

it looks like its near time for me to shut ma mouth and get my equipment on, Ill be having my supper on board., and Im hoping the meals will be as good as they were on the George Washington.

So long folks keep your chins up and you’ll be hearing from me soon.




(so long) Dad, Mom, Cliff, Mag, Mill, Irene, Ada, Evelyn, Lennie, Verna and the cat of course. Be sure you all use the pen for than school and office work.)

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