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Date: April 7th 1942

Llandudno North Wales.

April 7th 1942.

Dear Mom :-

How’s it going these days? I hope your not getting out of practice with your cooking because when I get back I’ll be a pretty hungry man, no apple pie over here, and believe me along with a lot of other things I sure miss them a lot, but just the same they are treating us like tin Gods. over here; and we get the best of every thing even though it aint much, Ive eaten more whole wheat bread in the last month than I did in twenty years back home, but Im sorta getting to like it, and believe me along with all the walking Ive been doing I believe Im about two and a half pounds heavier than I was and on me thats something.

I sent Monty and Irene a cable to-day onto, congratulating them, It costs about $1.75 here as compared with 65₵ down in the Canadian Command, but I figure it was worth it over I sure hope they had a nice Wedding and that your not too tired after it you know you’ll soon have twice as many Sons in low as Sons, and if they are all as good as Tom and Monty you can count yourself pretty lucky, of course I suppose you’d like to get rid of Cliff and I in the same manner as mary and Irene but I dont think there’s much chance of anything like that, at least not as far as I concerned, Im just not that kind of a guy, for an example I had a date with a gal for seven to-night and she didn’t turn up that’s bad, aint it. no It! I guess,

Ive had a letter from Mary and one from Ada, within the last two days, Marys was dated March 2nd and Ada’s was dated March 16th nice going eh! boy! oh! boy! Was it ever good to hear from good old Canada, Where they have meals that fill you up and dont just antagonize you so that you feel worse than ever, and (over) Where people use money that makes sense, and speak English that you can understand, Great Country that Canada Im tellin you!

I hope the kids are all in the best of spirits and behaving themselves, Margaret and Mildred I suppose fight like the devil yet to see whose going to do the dishes, and Evelyn still breaks hearts all over town, I hear Lennie is studying very hard these days. I guess by the look of things she’ll probably [word obscured]] over the June hurdles. I suppose school Morn Verna, strapps about ten of those form kids everyday she’s too strict I think, you know kids in school should have two hours recess and the rest in study then Teachers would find their job much simpler they of only have to mark fail on each report card. Without even examining it, and could relax for the whole term. Im good at solving problems oh! yes 1 0

Well we don’t have much longer here weve been here three weeks over and at the end of next week we will move to a coast artillery practice camp for a week and then we are going to be posted to a couple of batterys for another month. and then back to Canada

I must tell you of an incident that happened shortly after we came here. We were visiting in a neighboring town where the soldier population, like all others double the civilian, It was about three o clock in the afternoon and we were walking along a wide street when an oldish lady and a little girl appears ahead from the opposite direction, as we passed we plainly heard the little girl say “oh! mommy look at the soldiers, her mother replied quite shortly (quote) “they arent soldiers dear theyre canadians” did we ever feel unecessary.

Well I think its time I shut up don’t you course its nearly half past Eleven and breakfast comes early. Well so long old dear take care of dad course Im sure he cant take care of himself. And take care of yourself

Love Bill

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