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Date: June 5th 1942

338 Coast Bty.

June 5th 1942.


Its been ages since we parted, I dont know if I’ll be able to stand it much longer, if I could only look into your beautiful eyes again just for a while I think I could carry on, however dearest I guess we all have to sacrifice something when our country is at war, so I shall do my best even if it breaks my bloomin heart “Sob! Sob!”

Got your swell letter to-day and was I pleased Ive just moved from Dover to here, what a difference theres not been a bomber over since we come here, so you can imagine what a treat that is, last night I slept right through till morning without a risk, some going eh!

So dads an A.R.P. warden now ask him if he wants me to bring him home a book of instructions?, or does he know all the trick now? So Cliff is sick with measles eh! tough break, I hope he gets over it and gets home soon. So Kirk and Mill are too much for you eh! You’ll have to get used to slush kid because Ive learnt a lot of new slushy ways since Ive been here, the girls here go crazy if you kiss them behind the (over) ears, its just like hypnotizing them, of course once in a while a guy might get slapped but one has to take chances doesn’t one. Oh! Me!

I see youre going to dances now, I guess Ill have to start learning to dance or else! What? by the way tell Mary and Mom that I got the parcels and was certainly glad to get them I also enjoyed the account of the wedding in the copy of the Sydney Post they sent me, it must have been a small affair, I see by your letter that George is grinding his teeth what did you expect with a red head?

Im sitting on my bed in my under shirt writing this its as hot as the devil outside but lovely in here, this is a very modernistic house with those wide low windows and big gable you see in pictures its nearly teatime now so Ill have to get this letter finished tell Mag its time she learned to write say me to all the best looking girls in Sydney Mines and of course include yourself.

Love and Kisses


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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