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Date: June 9th 1942

338 Coast Ryt. Folkestone Kent

June 9th  1942.

Dear Dad:-

Just thought I’d drop you a few lines, the reason being that to-day I don’t have a hell of a lot to do, weve just finished dinner and have this afternoon off, of course the mere fact that youre my old man didn’t influence me in the least, so now that the reason has been disposed of, lets get on with the letter.

First of all I took your hint and write Uncle George a letter. I hope he got it ok and I also hope he’s recovered from his illness, whatever it was, I hear by some of the latest letters to reach me that you have been taking Cod oil yourself and getting stronger every day, I hope you dont think your going to be able to take me on when I get back, you know ive been getting P.T, a but since comming over here and Ive learned a few new ones too.

One night last week twenty or thirty bombers came over here and played Hell with Canterbury [CENSORED] of course when we were [CENSORED] we saw quite a bit of fun too, we were even dive bombed once, as I guess you can say were almost veterans now.

The worst sight Ive seen here yet was on a Sunday after noon, I was strolling along the top of a high cliff with a quarter bloke he had his dog with him, and he and I were throwing sticks for the dog to fetch back, well I dont know if it was him or I, but one of us threw the stick into a mine field, and the dog dashed in after it, talk about a miner mist, whew!

We can still see the French coast from here and I believe we’ll be able to see Boulogne if the mist ever lifts enough. This morning I watched a German Convoy going towards Bologne, shortly afterwards the R.A.F. were making things hot for them.

To-day we had our first look at an incendiary bomb, and one of the guys with me was fortunate enough to be made a present of it as a souvineer, it seems it landed in a ditch that half filled with water, and therefore didn’t explode, there only small and apparently a lot of them can be carried by one plane. 

We got permission this morning to visit a B for A.A. gunsight talk about a weird contraption, we had some fun trying to lay on Spitfire that was buzzing about overhead. I dont think we’d make very good A.A. gunners, to be frank with you Im sure of it.

Well dad I’ve been B.Sing enough don’t you think, besides I have to write some more letters before supper. So give my love to the rest of the family. Tell mom Ill write her to-morrow or the next day. Well I guess Ill fold up for now so long and all the best.



P.S. Look for me in about six weeks from this date.

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