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Date: June 14th 1942


June 14th 1942.

Dear Mom :-

I see by the paper that another convoy arrived from Canada so I guess there’ll be some letters on it for me, at least I hope so. by the way I didn’t think it will be wise for you to write anymore letters, seein as how they take at least a month to get here, if I get any definite news, Ill cable you, it will be disguised as don’t get the wrong meaning for into me if I cable that Ill be swim Sydney on Sidney August or September you’ll know that I’ll be home in Aug or Sept. our course is up end of the month after thot we should get at least seven days leave, then it all depends on shipping.

 I wrote Dad a couple of days ago I hope he got my letter, I was sure glad to hear from him, also glad to know he’s feeling like a new man, etc. tell him to dig up a pair of boxing gloves and I’ll trim him down when I get back. I think I written more letters since I’ve been over here (over) than I ever wrote in my life I sometimes wonder if my writing hasn’t gotten worse as a result.

Well be shifting from here next week but its only 15 minutes from here as “R” is still good, we’ll be with a 5.5 battery and after that who knows. Since I’ve been over here I’ve seen more guns than I ever believe possible before, I think the Bofor struck me as the most amazing of them all, it almost goes by itself!

I’m going to take a run down to Dungeness this afternoon to sorta look around mostly to see if I can get a bus to Worthing from there as if I can I wont have to go all the way to London in order to see some of the people where addresses I have down there.

 I wish you could see the lovely park in Folkestone it’s a real fairy land with water lilies and goldfish in the park, and holly trees and rose bushes bordering them. I also have walked up and down “Remembrance Hill” where british and colonial troops marched on their way to France in the last war, also met quite a few old Canadian who liked this place so well that they stayed right here when the war was over, it sure makes them happy to see a Canadian, especially if he comes from near their home town.

 As I write this a squadron of RAF bombers is just heading for Northern, France. I guess there’ll be all Hell let lose over there soon, I can’t see them, because they fly so high that the human eye can’t see anything but a trail of white exhaust in the sky, it looks like someone were marking on the sky with a piece of chalk but the noise is always indication enough.

I wrote cliff just before I wrote this so Im starting to get writers cramp, I’ll have to start getting dressed for Dungeness so I think I better shut up, I bet you think so too, well mom take care of everything and of course yourself too all the best



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