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Date: June 20th 1942

338 Coast Bty Folkestone Kent.

June 20th 1942

Dear Mom:

Laying out here in the sun with nothing better to do, so heres a letter, it may not be much as Im getting all out of info, Jerry planes dont come our way much lately so theres not much excitement in that line, as for work we have ceased to work seriously anymore, and just relax.

Yesterday I wrote letters to Ada, Cliff, Dad, and a friend, I expect to receive some more letters soon, and then Ill be writing like an office clerk. I hope Ive been up to scratch in writing you Ive probably told you things I shouldnt have, but actually sometimes theres not much else to write about, Ive had a couple of short flings with the girls but being a plain and very ordinary guy, I couldn’t maintain their interest, I dont think I was meant to be a romancer anyway.

The last two days Ive been doing quite a bit of fishing in the channels, we didnt get much but had a lot of fun just the same, Lobsters bring at Dover, although last night we could sit up in our beds and watch the AA fire out Canterbury and occasionally hear a bomb drop. We felt Quite safe and after deceiving the possibility of an attack here we all went off to sleep with the raid still on, pretty callous eh!

A Canadian here was just telling us that when they were abroad they had to write at least once a month or they were put on charge and fined half a dollar and forced to write so you see I don’t want that to happen to me.

Well its supper time so Ill just doss… to the finish and hope you forgive such a short… last letters I received were from Ada and you… last Wednesday. I answered them so this is just for something to do 

Cheerio and All the best


P.S. Tell the Old man to get a chair out by the radio because I’ll be wanting to hear Jack Burney


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