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Date: July 7th 1942

338 Coast Btg. Folkestone Kent

July 7th 1942

Dear Cliff:-

Nothing better to do, so I though Id drop you a few lines, hope you dont mind, I’ve been hearing so much about you in Mary’s and Ada’s letters that Im pretty well informed of your latest escapades etc, and therefore feel it my bounden duty to make sure you dont do anything I wouldn’t do. (That is if I had the chance). I hope you’ll forgive this fatherly tone of mine.

Mary tell’s me you Might get your annual leave when Ada gets her’s. wouldn’t it be a coincidence if I get home and got my furlough at the same time, that would make everyone home but Irene, something that hasn’t happened In some considerable time.

I hear you were up to Halifax for a week end, Ada was all full of it in her last letter, I think she did Mention that Lloyd was up too, I guess she can stand a bit of entertainment now and then, If I get a chance when I get back I shall surely see that she gets some, that is if its entertaining to be out with me.

Mary said in her last letter where Tommy Boulter’s wife the former Connie Linton had died giving birth to a baby, she said the baby died too, pretty tough break eh!

You know there are so many spitfires in this area that I do believe I could draw one from memory ask one of those English guys if he can tell you what kind of a plane it is and Ill bet you dollars to doughnuts he says it’s a “Spitfire” The Dam things are whizzing overhead day and night squadrons, wings and cominations they sure keep Jerry away too. Just last night two Jerries came over and only got a quarter of a mile inland before the spit’s got at them boy! did they ever scuttle out of here. Something happens nearly every day.

Were waiting now for word to tell us weather were through or still have some where else to go, its just possible that we may have a fortnight at the “coast artillery practiced camp in North Wales, brother would I even enjoy that, but then again its equally likely that will go back to NS. #2. C.A.R.U and embark for home from there after seven days leave I hope. However right now were up a stump.

I wrote Ada and Mary a letter to-day, and Mom, Dad and Mary one a couple of days ago, pretty busy Ill say, just finished an N.C.O’s redrilling course too, did all right in it for a Canadian, but some of those

Say chum dont you think Ive said enough, yes I think so too well adious and all the best



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