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Date: July 8th 1942

338 Coast Btg. Kent.

July 8th 1942.

Dear Mom:-

Received both airgraphs with your’s and Mary’s and yours and dads names on, swell Idea. I think, as Mary says the news is still fresh enough to be appreciated and also its not so very much more expensive besides that as I told you in a previous letter and a cable, I received the parcel O.K. people are beginning to think that I have wealthy parents in Canada, neither of the other Canadians has received a parcel yet although I think Sgt. Arthur has been unfortunate enough to have a parcel go astray as his wife is always asking him if he received his parcel yet. Tough luck there.

Ada and Irene have been pretty generous also, Irene surprised me no end, I certainly never expected to get a parcel from them, it’s a Dam good sign when a freshly married couple can find time out from lovin to think of an old rascal like me, what do you think?

I reckon Ill be happy to get back to a country where a guy can go walking through fields without worrying about getting blown to Hell, or getting a bayonet in the guts for being on restricted property. Barbed wire! I wish you could see it, I believe It goes all around England in sixty foot wide stretches, everywhere Ive been so far theres been pleanty of it, and people here tell me it’s the same everywhere. Jerry would have a horrible night more if he even tried to invade this “light little Isle” as they say over here.

[missing page]

the [] the flashes even looked like ack ack bursts and bombs bursting all in all quite a show.

Well mom were still in Folkestone waiting word of our next move, it should be back to Number 2 Canadian Reinforcement unit, but who knows, were four days over due here now, the 12th corps is having difficultly contacting Number 2. or so Im told personally I wouldn’t mind staying here all summer, all we do these days is eat sleep and lay in the sun, some life eh!

Don’t forget Ill cable you something silly just before we leave for home so youll know approx. when to expect me

So long for now all the best to the whole dam family



P.S. Im enclosing some notes to the Kids. hope you dont mind.

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Original Scans