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Date: January 2nd 1943

Sydney Mines N.S.

Jan. 2nd 1943

Dear Ebby:-

Sunday again and another letter, I missed last Sunday, due to being on duty and being very busy watching for ships that never came in. Truth is I did write you one day last week but never got around to answering mailing it. There wasn’t much in it anyway unless it was that I might have mentioned that I’ll be going overseas one of these days in the not too distant future. (not sure just when).

Yester-day was New Years day and we had a house full; Kirk as [?]. Tom, Mary, George, and Lorne – Banfield. Ada and Lloyd weren’t over. But Ada called up later. We had Turkey and all the trimmings, with lemon pie for a chaser. My stomach did flips all night long. I ate a lot of candy too, “a Hell of a lot!” that was partly your fault. (thanks anyway) we had a letter from Cliff one day last week he’s getting along swell as you can well imagine. Everyone here is just swell and everything is rosey Louie is getting to be quite a guy now he can say a few words of a sort now at least everyone says he can, personally I think he’s just gooing etc. George saws wood now and every time he comes up now he wants to saw wood, or chop sticks.


Well beautiful how did you spend the holidays? I suppose you and Agnes had plenty of invites for dinner etc. and not too few fellows looking to take you out eh? I hear Monty dropped of for a short visit on his day back to camp. I guess you plumped him plenty eh? from what I can hear he didn’t have much time to observe what went on around the house, outsid of the baby and his wife. Say I hope you soon get to see a hockey game, you’ll have something to really remember when the war is over and things have quieted down, and youre probably back to making beds and washing dishes. Lennie says she wishes you were here to help her right now, by the way she’s getting the runnaround from some dryland sailor here in town, and boy is she goofy at times.

My god this letter writing business is sure Hell! Near drives me batty trying to think of something to write about, my small little allotment of brains are taxed to the limit. By the way I received your swell letter Friday when I came home, and I want to warn you right now not to foul with my affections, and don’t kid about me being handsome your just predjeicecid honey child and are duty bound to make some remark like that, it would be nice if true.

Well beautiful Ive near reached the end so I hope youll forgive me if I close now and I hope to have another letter soon.

So long Honey and Cheerio


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