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Date: 17th 1943

Sydney Mines N.S.

17th. 1943

Hia! Ebbie :-

Hows the purtiest gal that ever left Sydney Mines? and how does she like living in Toronto? I guess you are still a little bit dazzled yet but just you wait, if you ever get a chance to see big cities like London and New York, even Montreal with tis big station is dwarfed by them. However Toronto is among the really big ones and incidentally one that I have never seen although I have been further west .

Well Beautiful I hear you have a job allready but what an outfit to work for, you could earn twice as much in a war defence plant, even three times as much. But I suppose there is one advantage and that is that the job wont fold when the war is over, and also I guess you will be spared the complications of income tax returns.

The family are all well and as happy as can be expected under the circumstances, “you know the circumstances” Dad had his breakfast in bed this morning and is still there Mom took it up to him the sap. I am still stationed at Petrie and your friend Hap is over with me, he’s helping me give a course in Signalling. I drop in on Ada now and then, she’s well and so is Lloyd. I had dinner there one day last week, Irene and Lorie are still taking up our attention every day, Mary, Tom and George I havent seen in a dogs age. As you say Kirk and Mill should be getting on with the job, but I havent heard any rumours yet. Mag is still going to school in North Sydney, Lennie as usual, Also Verna. Evelyn, Now let me see what happened to her…..mmmm…. seems to me she was here a couple of weeks ago……..mmm.. OH! YES YOUR EVELYN. ARENT YOU! how could I forget, slap my wrist. See what you do to me. We haven’t had a letter from Cliff yet this week, but should soon.

Did I tell you I got your letter and gee honey thanks for all the swell compliments, even though I know its plain unadulterated flattery it reads nice, and I’m as gullible as the Devil. I guess by this time you will have seen “Stage Door Canteen” we saw it in Sydney Last week and believe me it was a bit of all right. I guess by the time you have spent another two weeks up there you will have been to most of the nintey theatres up there Why dont you put in a bid for tickets to the “Share the Wealth” program, and maybe we will hear our Ebby on the radio.

TO-day is Sunday and my letter writing day, when Ixxi finish this epistle to Evelyn I have to write one to Cliff, I left my pen over to Petrie so I have had to resort to the old Type-writer, and as you can plainly see I am definately at a disadvantage however I’m nearly down to the bottom and when I get there this is going to stop.

Here’s a little message in Morse Code. I hope you can decipher it  .. .-- .. … ….   ..-  .-- . .-.  -.  -  --  -.--  …  ..  …  - .  .-.      ..  -.. -- .- .-. .-. -.-- ..- [Translation reads: I wish U wernt my sister I d marry U]

Well kid I passed the end and as I cant seem to think any too well to-day with your permission I think I will close down for this week, so untill next Sunday, sO Long


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