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Date: January 9th 1944

January 9th /44.

Hi Sweets:-

Same to you! Im glad your starting the New Year right by writing me a letter, many happy returns of the day. To-day is Sunday and a bit dull, Ive just finished a letter to Cliff so Im a bit fatigued of writing everyone is well and comparatively happy. Dads balancing someone’s books again, Moms getting a light lunch ready for we hungry wolves, and the sooner the better. Rene is writing to Monty as usual. Louie has just been put to bed. and its about time he’s nearly gotten me worn down to the ankles. Margaret still goes to school at N.S. and on weekends does the housework in her own leisurely way. Mill and Kirk much the same, Lennie has gone to Sunday school, she was to the show last night with some sleepy looking gent, I dont know his name but we have his picture in a sailors ing  (cadets) and he just needs to close his eyes. Verna went back to-day instead of to-morrow, because we may have a storm, it sure looks like it. Ada, Lloyd, Mary, Tom n George aren’t here to-day so you see they do stay home once in a while.

We received your tickets and paper and I surmise that you must be engaged in a very interesting work, as well as working for a pretty swell fellow (over) just indication I had that you had changed your job. I suppose Agnes is still with you.

Use that hair brush lots it’s the best way to have nice hair it also comes in handy if you should want to spank anyone. Monty was only kidding when he said it was nice and mild down here. That must have been quite a party you fellows had. I couldn’t have dinner chrismas with the Major because he’s out of the Army now. I havent seen many shows this last while back, not because Im busy though, just lazy which reminds me this letter writing when you havent anything to write about is sure a tough assignment, so you can count yourself lucky to be hearing from me so often.

I had my name in the paper and on the radio last week for giving my sixth blood donation I got a silver button too. Maybe Ill become a well for the post war supply of plasma, who can tell.

Well honey Im exhausted with thinking so before I go entirely nuts I think I’ll quit be a good girl and write me often, wont you? So long for now and all the best



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