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Date: January 16th 1944
William Hollett

Jan 16th 1944

#1 Transit Depot

Darlin Ebby:-

Well beautiful I finally made it and Im now definitely on draft, I don’t think Ill get up that way though so untill we meet again I guess this will constitute a good bye. If you see Monty tell him I’m probably going to be over there a long time before him but to look me up if he ever does get over there. meanwhile I’ll be writing Rene and she can pass on the good news to him. When I get there Ill have a swell reunion with Cliff wont that be something eh!

Ive been wondering what kind of a job exactly you and Agnes have up there, I saw the tops you made and Ive been wondering what your job is in connection with them they over look pretty professional I reckon they must be stamped on some kind of a duplicator Im glad you like it! but one thing more be careful you dont get to like it too much and decide to be a career woman I hear they arent always happy.

Went to Church this morning in fact I had to it was a church parade and believe me it was a honey more men than I ever saw before in one place. That’s where you’d shine. Most of them I think are single.

We have shows here every night but try and see them, there’s a bigger line up than the Capitol in Halifax on Saturday night no girls here though so I guess Ill just have “to buy a paper doll that I can call my own” a doll that other fellows cannot steal.

Well kid when you write the folks tell them that I wrote you, wont you, I may not have time to write as much as I’d like to, so when they know that you have a letter they wont worry.

Friday night when we were marching up to the station, Lennie was on the main sheet and she shouted “Good bye Bill” but I got a big lump in my throat and could only wave to her, dad came down to the station later to see us off. believe me kid it was tough, Im sure glad mom didn’t come down. I guess you know what its like.

Well Honey that is about all I can spare for now so Cheerio and all the best


P.S. my address is on the back of this sheet (over

F11177 Q.M.S. Hollett W.S.

M.P.P. 620

Winsor N.S.   

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