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Date: October 23rd 1944
William Hollett

Mon. Oct. 23rd 1944

Lincoln + Wellond


Dear Dad: -

I received an old letter of your’s a few days ago written from Cape North and to-day I received one from Lennie and as Envelopes are extremely hard to get I’m going to answer you and Lennie with the same envelope. I hope you don’t mind. If I have time I will enclose a note to mom also. Mildred wrote me a letter from Sydney received yesterday all in all I have a lot of letters to write and I am little time to write them in. We have been on the move for over a week now. I met up with Henny a couple of days ago and we sure had a whale of a chat. He has a real Doozey of a moustache now and looks like the Devil terrified. When I first saw him we had (over) just completed an all night job of mine cleaning and we were very tired it was still dark and Henny was manning a Bren gun in a slit trench wearing a stocking cap pulled down over his ears and a Helmet on top of that so that to me he looked like he’d been through even more than I. our platoon slept in a hay mow for a couple of hours and then had breakfast when I again saw Henny he didn’t look quite so bad then.

You have probably read of the fierce battle on the Leopold Canal. Well you can tell the neighbors that your son Bill spend three weeks in that show and the papers can’t begin to describe it and I can’t either so when I get home I’ll tell you if I still remember. Some of our adventures are pretty cozy but some others are pretty grim. We sleep in fields in pouring rain, in the sun or frost. Cripes mon it’s a wander we don’t die of phenumonia. I guess those needles we used to complain about in Canada really work after all. I sure wish there was some kind of a needle to support sleep. I have seen a whole regiment lay down in the wet grass in the

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Original Scans

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