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Date: January 23rd 1944


#1 Transit Camp.

Acadia Barracks

Winsor N.S.


Hello Sweet! :-

How’s things? I wrote you already this week. But having nothing to do to-day and being in a writing mood, I decided to drop you a few lines, “and I mean few.”

Wouldn’t it be something if I got stationed in Camp Borden for a while of course there’s one thing though and that’s that I may be a lowly gunner when and if I do that seems to be the only way a fellow can get out of Canada I’ve been writing letters all afternoon and its getting on for three o clock now, of course I don’t write very fast so don’t get the idea that I have a big stack here. The boys and I are going to Church to-night that’ll be the first time for me since 1938 (over) that I’ve been in church more than once a day. Of course we have an ulterior motive, and that’s that we might get an invitation out somewhere. Pretty shrewd eh! I’ll let you know how we get along in my next letter. Lennie and I have a private correspondence going strong now she may be able to give you a hint about it.

How are you and Agnes getting along now a days are you working very hard in your new job? Is it interesting etc.?

Well Honey I cant think of anything more that will get past the censor. So I’ll close for now with all the best to both of you



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Original Scans