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Date: January 26th 1944

Jan 26th 1944

M.P.0 620

Winsor N.S.

Hello Sweet:-

Got your swell letter a little while ago and thanks a lot we have to walk about a quarter of a mile to the post office and when we get a letter it’s a pretty swell feeling and vice versa when there’s none. None are as welcome as your’s kiddo, none!

You need to get out and get some exersise in the fresh air to get your blood in shape, remember we soldiers need the very finest kinda blood It seems queer to me though that yours is only a 70 Haemoglobin, Did the clinic Doctor advise any special kind of a tonic if he didn’t, take an Iron compositor I think that’s what they usually advise. Youll be surprised how easy it is it get into the (over) (society) of the blood donors once you have started, and as for as needing courage its fantastic, its not as bad as getting your neck washed.

My chances of getting up near there are fairly good I think, however I don’t know for sure and wont be able to tell you anyway so don’t be too surprised whichever way the thing goes. One thing is sure and that’s that if it was left to me I’d be on board ship right now and on my way.

By the way thanks for the swell explanation of how you make the tops I guess it’s a very interesting game when you really catch on, do you and Agnes both do the same work? or are you doing different jobs in the same machine? You are now in the advertising game, maybe your at the bottom but who can tell you might make a little way up the ladder before that handsome guy youv’e been waiting for comes along (over) and you have to quit work to marry.

I haven’t seen many shows since comming here; too busy and too tired have a very busy schedule here, and having been in a stable outfit like Coast Defence for close to five years its hard to get used to the different set up. My face is all wind burnt and red and my hands are a little chapped but being a good soldier I just grin and [?] The last show I saw was “His butler’s sister” with Franchot Tone, Deanna Durbin and some more actors and actresses whom I forget right now. It was a good show!

I suppose you’ve hear about Grannie by now, kinda tough eh! I wrote dad to-day and gave him my regrets it must be kinda of a blow to him, Aunt Hattie will be lost for a while with no one to worry about anymore. They had the funeral to-day at 2 o clock (over

Well Honey Im running out of gab as I’ve already said its hard to write when the Dam censor is practically looking over your shoulder ready to clamp a change on you for breach of security and believe me kid in the army we get it hard. So not having anything more worthwhile talking about I’ll close this epistle to the Torontonians with a Cheerio! Pip! Pip and Adious

So Long for now


P.S. write again soon even if its only one swell page


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