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Date: January 30th 1944

Jan 30th 1944

M.P.O 620

Winsor N.S.

Dear Ebbie :-

Just a few miserable lines to let you know I’m still alive and as well as can be expected under the circumstances, have had no letters lately Im thinking my mail must be going astray somewhere, no doubt it will catch up with me one of these days soon, Im writing this sitting on the edge of my bed which should account for the uneven lines etc. you see I’m not in my own room to-night I’m in charge of a prisoner who is of the same rank as I and got a little tight last night creating a bit of a row, and in the Army a W.O.H must have an escort of the same rank. Now back in my own room I have a table to write on, which may help the people who have to read my drivel to (over) decipher the words.

having wonderful weather down here the very best I’ve seen in a long time, nippy but nice. We go on lots of long route marches and that’s when you can appreciate the swell days. And then at night if you want to hike into town; that’s when you can appreciate the fine nights.

Its over a week since I’ve heard from anyone, I cant imagine how they are, or anything. The last letter I got was when Grannie was about to be buried, I suppose Aunt Hattie has gone back by now, and the folks are settling down to a routine, I’m kicking when I shouldn’t be, after all a week is not so long, but it seems long doesn’t it?

We had a church parade this morning, went to the united Baptist Church and when everyone was inside there wasn’t an (over) empty seat in the whole church. Lent colonel Knot of Military District no. 1. was the special preacher, and he was really swell, it’s a long time since I heard such a swell preacher, on the way back to camp as we were passing a bunch of houses some girl held her hand on the pane of the attic window, she didn’t show her face once, just her hand, we got a big laugh out of it: “The anonomous siren”

“L” for Lankie is on the radio now and its kind of hard to concentrate on letter writing. My prisoner feels the same way, so Honey until things to talk about are more plentyful Ill be saying Adious and all the best for now so

Cheerio and Pip Pip


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