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Date: February 5th 1944

Feb 5th 1944

M.P.O 620

Winsor N.S.

Hello Dad :-

How’s things? received your letter yesterday along with one from Mom and Cliff. I wrote mom yesterday also Irene, I received a letter and a carol from her too. Ive got half an hour before supper, so here I go with the bull.

Got some definate news yesterday! Im in the Tank Corps, as a Trooper or private I’ll have to take down my crown in a few more days. And then buy the fun will really begin, imagine me back to taking orders again instead of giving them as I said before the thing that will really hurt is the pay. Having got used to Q.M.S.’s pay I’m going to find it Dam tough at first. a lot of the guys here are already reverted and they tell me its quite a relief not to have any responsibilitys. Myself I’ll probably make a


1 cup mollases

½ sugar

1 cups fat – [?]

1 teaspoonful ginger

1 salt

3 cups flour

With soda

[Following pages missing]


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Original Scans