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Date: July 3rd 1916

Expect a long letter from Allen


July 3rd

Dear Jennie

We are in the Barracks here.  The ship went without us.  we have to wait a week or so we are marching through the town every day we should be experts at marching for we have been marching in every town between here and Vancouver.  Well Jane I hope that you are quite well and the little ones I hope that Allen is better and alivena is all right well this is a hole of dirty place I had being here before many time all the fellows they were going into a nice city they would not listen to me they all knew all about it there is only one thing I would now is a good gale of wind when we get out for me to see them all sick I have much to tell you.  I shall write again in a day or two to you I hope that you had all the mail that I sent you and I got the stamps allright he had them but he could not remember who it was that gave them to him till I explained it to him he said he was muddled well lots of kissess to Allen Alivena and you know how much to yourself and best love to Kate and kind regards to everybody.

I remain

Your loving husband


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Original Scans