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Date: October 1st 1916

No 116949 A.Co.C MR.

Oct. 1st

Dear Jennie

I got your letter safe what you wrote on Sept. 9th and I was very glad of it as I was getting a bit downhearted not getting a word from you I was glad to hear that the 2 little ones are allright and yourself that is more that I can say for myself for I have caught a cold.  Somehow a sparrow could eat more than I have done.  this last fortnight the Doctor says I have been run down I have being doing nothing this last 10 days.  I never felt so sick in all my life I do not know what they are going to with me everybody is very kind to me I wish I could come home.  I shall not see france so I would prefer to come back.  I am homesick I would not care if we were sent over right away but to keep you here makes it worse.  Neither one or the other there is a great move here today we are going to somewhere tomorrow we put in all our gear.  We do not know where we are going to give me little news of the [?] [?] do you think I will get a job when I get back.  although I do not want it while some of them is up there I have had a word that I will never get a job from them again but I believe it is a bit of jealousy. but I suppose I will live anyway. if I come back without going to france I have done my best that is more than any of them is done. well jane back I hope that you and allen and Alivena are keeping allright and kate to I have learned a lot since I left.  I shall be able to tell you about my visit to Slanrust when I come home. They will not give leave to no one unless he is going to france there is men come over and they have got to go back no leave but I was one lucky beggar.  I got it before the order come out I shall write again soon to you with lots of kissess to the little ones and you know how much to yourself. Best love to Kate and all friends. 

I remain your loving husband


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