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Date: April 7th 1943
Helen and Howard
Stanley Evans


Dearest Helen and Howard.

Well how is my love now. Well I can’t hold it back any longer. But I got your letter that was written on the 17 of Feb. And in there you said you have been drinking beer and you know what I think of that. I drink very little myself because I know what happens when you or I get drinking. In case you don’t know just what I mean remember the night we went to the dance in Calgary in the armeries. The night we had the wine. That is the time I made up my mind you and I would have to quit drinking. And also remember the night there was so much trouble at Marg and Jacks. I don’t know if I ever told you or not who I figgure was to blame but I say it was Margaret’s falt that every thing happened. That did that night whether Jack knew it or not. I think I can explain why as you know what you did with Jim Rigans that night. And you realy felt sorry for it the next day at least I believe you did because you said it would never happen again. And please honey don’t let me down. but if you think I am wrong just don’t let me try and hold you back as I know I can’t even if I was there. It is not just for me I want you to quit it is for the baby and yourself. I quit when you said to so how about you doing the same for us all. So Think it over. One glass is ok but 5 is to much. Well hope this doesn’t make you peaved but I will call it of and forget all about it best you mean so much to me kid that I wouldn’t want you to go doing over working. End of lecture. Think it over please honey.

Well dear what is new around there. I hope to get you a picture soon in fact I will make shore I get it this weekend and will leave the address there so they can send them to you insteada we now. I get out of the hospital this morning. And I really feel swell all better and a good rest. There are only a few of us left in camp but hope they will be back soon. Write and tell me more about yourself and Howard. But I will say I realy enjoyed that last letter it was swell. But as you know you can’t tell me enough about what you do and how the little monkey is and what he does. Remember the night I was on guard and you where sick that is the first we knew about Howard isn’t it.

Say what we had talked about before I left what was that there was so many things. Was it the understanding we had about you going out and being careful. If it is you know that still goes. I wouldn’t want to have happen to me like lots of fellows here have got a letter saying twin’s born to them two years after they got over. Some say they send it my mail but some how I don’t believe it do you? Honey there was the funniest thing happened in the hospital the other day a black cat got up on a patients bed and every one was sound asleep and so was the old cat between the lads legs. When every one woke up with a start at having the squeal from this cat. Well she had three swell little black kitten right in bed. So did we ever teaz him. But he should have good luck say what. Do you remember the night we put the milk cans out of the car out by Clines. I don’t think I will ever forget it when ever I think of the times like that when I had you In my arms I can’t figure out why I didn’t squeeze us into just one. But you have left a print in me for like I know that without looking for any marks. What is this friend you go up to see And who is this Ken and wife you are talking so much about. Where is Marg and her old man now.  Are there many of the old boys in town that were at the camp when I was there. There is one mug I am laying for when ever I see him and that is the darned scivy that got me on the draft to come over here.

Honey you say that you can’t save money Have you taken any inshurence out for Howard so we will have something to send him to school with if I shouldn’t get a good job when I get back or anything like that should happen. I am shore glad to hear you are getting things for yourself or ourselves I should say. Well honey I just had a hair cut and I think I shall call this letter will write very soon and I love you with all my heart honey I am yours like that long when the light comes up again.

Daddy Evans


P.S. I am only yours. If you hear that song make pretend it is from me I love you honey x x x

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