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Date: April 8th 1943
Bill Evans


Dearest Helen.

Well my love how are you today OK I hope. I am realy caching up in my letters now that I have a letter time but I think you can’t get to many if you are like me. How is the weather now shore hope it has warmed up a little. It has been a swell winder over here. You can tell that as I have told you about us sleeping outside a lot of the time and we only had two blankets. The apple and other fruit trees are all in blume now and every thing is getting greener all the time. It shore seemed funny to see the farmers out seeding and working on the land in Jan. There was only one night we had a little snow and I don’t know where that came from because it went fast and I never see anymore since. You where saying how much you wish I could keep your back warm and how you would put your cold but lovely feet on my tummy to cool me off I bet you could put a block of ice on there and it would melt right now let alone when I get back. In fact I bet it would take about one kiss and a good hug to have the shoe on the other foot wouldn’t it. I hope you are getting used to it by now as I am. You shore had one heck of a trip home in the snow didn’t you. I bet Howard was shore cold. I got your letter sent on the 15 of last month not bad time hey. There must have been a  lot of mail lost or there is a hold up because I am shore you wrong more than one letter in Feb. and that is the one I received last night I just got this one about 5 oclock and it is 6.30 now. I think I will frame that little bit of writing that Howard Evans put on the letter Bruce sent. I realy thought it was swell and can just picture you with his wee hand in yours and what you were thinking when you wrote it. Howards first letter to daddy. and don’t think I won’t remember it. You are shore lucky to have the little monkey but wate till I get hold of him. So Jim don’t think you’re a very good mother hey. Wate till I see that boy. I will tell him what I think about Howard’s mother. But if he isn’t in love he would never know would he. say Bruce and Betty have shore groen haven’t they how is Bruce at helping dad I hope he is better than I was. And how is George comming now you don’t ever menchon him hope he is O.K. Say you want to quit tickling Howard’s feet remember when I did that you you or do you get as much from it as I did. Say honey it just came to me if you get a chance and want to send something I would like, Send a light cardi shan’t as these darn wool things I can’t get used to them even yet they scrach me when it is hot out they are so heavy they just about cook you in those darn old trucks. So if you see some and have the money to spare I would realy appricieate it. Or send me an electric scratcher haha. Well my love I am going to enclose a set of my regiment and div colours so to have as a keeps sake and give you a look at them. Well honey I must close now and remember rom one who is wating to get back and have you put your feet on in place of a water bottle. I am yours honey forever your hubby Bill




That’s for one second.

P.S. give Howard a kiss for me and try and not worry too much honey

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Original Scans