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Date: March 5th 1944
William Hollett

March. 5th 1944

Dear Ebby:

Just a few lines kid just a few.  I’ve been writing to everyone I know to-day.  So Im all on to news and ambition, 2 hrs is duty Sunday for us and Im a fire piquet to-night, that means that anywhere from six o’clock this evening till six o’clock to-night Ill have two hours tour of duty, in which I’ll have to inspect every fire in the comp to make sure there’s no longer of a fire starting etc.  Next Sunday we would have normally been on a week end but I’ve forfeited mine on the assumption that I might get a trusty eight hour pass home. at the end of the course. with travelling time to boot.  Then the Sunday after that we’ll be on duty again so I reckon it wont be till the Sunday after that before I’ll be able to get up to see you again.  However that date at the “share the wealth” program still goes and as I said before Hennie and I will let you know in sufficient time to book seats for us, wouldn’t it be swell if one of us struck the ocean and won a couple hundred bucks, never can tell kid, can you? 

On behalf of Hennie and myself, I want to tell you we had a swell time last week end.  I half expected that Toronto would be fearfully expensive and was prepared to leave there broke, but because of Mrs. Smith and her sister, and their swell hospitality and the fact that Hennie insisted on sharing the expenses, I still have money; real folding money too. remember me to Bino and his father, Mr. Gillett and of course Mrs. Smith and her sister they were all swell and made us feel so much as home that we can hardly wait to get up there again.  Hennie wants to know if you and Agnes can keep in step yet. if not youd better practice.

Sonnie sent me her picture the other day. did you get me too, by what a grin. I can hardly believe anyone could be so happy in school even though they were getting their picture taken. Incidentally we didn’t get our [?] yet so I don’t expect I’ll get my picture took yet.

Washed dishes again to-day boy! oh! boy! talk about wrinkles in the hands, my fingers looked like white prunes, we washed for 240 men, all the cups, plates, bowls, platters, pictures, and dixies, after the first hour you get used to it. I cant see where Mag used find those few dishes of ours a job, back home. 

Well kid its time for supper and duty after it, so until the next time be good and write me a few lines, tell Agnes to insist a couple of paragraphs too, or better still a full fledged letter, in fact I like that idea much better! 



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