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Date: October 7th 1917

Witley Camp


Sunday, Oct 7th -17


Dear Mother & All,

I rec’d your two nice letters of Sept 7 & 10th last night. I was also glad to receive the parcel of papers. The box has not arrived as yet.

We got in off our six day scheme yesterday morn after a nasty week. Part of the time we were soaked to the skin and then it turned cold and nearly all of us caught cold and we don’t feel any better for it.

I enjoy the schemes fine if it would only stay dry but it can’t be dry all the time for when we are on those schemes away from camp we have no chance of drying our clothes so we are out of luck as we say.

Yesterday Arthur B. met me and we went to Godalming to get a few things then we had to be back to his place by 2:30 to meet the [?] Tickners for they were coming down for a visit. We brought them up to see the camp for they had never seen a big military camp before. So it was quite interesting for them.

They are coming up to help in the “4” this P.M. I expect for a while then they have to catch the 7. o s train for home again tonight. They seem to be very nice people and they are both teachers. Muriel is a tutor I guess you would call her. She teaches one little girl and has a fairly easy time of it. They live at Bognor on the Channel coast near Brighton and Muriel stays right at the little girl’s house.

There have been numerous air raids on in England lately but have been doing very little damage I think.

One of our comrades died of diptheria in a couple of huts away from ours on Friday. He was a nice young fellow and I have taken several snaps of him I expect he will be buried tomorrow I feel so sorry for his parents. At [?] Out. It seems worse than if he had died on active service in France.

A year ago to-day I was home with you on my last pass and still I’m here and it looks as if I was farther away from France than the day we landed.

There are no signs of us going to France till next spring now I think. I hope you are having better weather there than we are here or it will be very bad for silo filling or the rest of the fall work.

Did you get Miss McLean’s letter all right. I haven’t seen her for two weeks but will try and see her soon now she works in the “Y” on Tuesday nights.

There doesn’t seem to be any more news for now so I will close.

Hoping you & Emalie are feeling much better. I remain your loving son & brother


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