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Date: April 27th 1943
Dearest love ones

Dearest love ones

Well how are you hope you are the same as when you sent that very nice telegram for my birthday, To tell you the truth honey I forgot all about even having a birthday till I got that greeting Well I hope you can read this without too much eye strain as I’ll have less in this old pencil. We are upon the ranges in Wales now, came up last week. We have been on the move a lot lately, but it is just the same old drag, day in and out. From early in the morning till late a tonight it is out here.

I have a few min as you can see and I just had to write as I told you I would.

I think I need you to straten me up because I get lots of letters and yours and mothers are the only ones I answer. But I just can’t seem to write or feel that I have any thing to write about. Gosh, honey, you shore do look swell in that picture of you and the babby. He shore is a fat little monkey isn’t he and it looks to me as though he has his mothers eyes and his old mans ears. I also got the siganets you sent and the lot mother sent. Well I am shore glad to see you and mother get along so good. I suppose when you get this letter Howard may be hanging on to your apron strings as you move around the room. In other words he should be getting around soon. I think like you do he is so darned cute that know one can compete him especially those lovely eyes he has just looks like yours. I can see his little ring in the picture and I see you still have that watch. Boy it is shore swell to get pictures and I wish there was some way I could get hold of a camera. As I haven’t had a chance to even get my uniform cleaned let alone get a picture taken so you can see we are on the move all the time. Hope we start moving home pretty quick. I got a letter from Ben to-day he said he is married and that I shore missed something by not going but how could I when I didn’t know the first thing about it. I just hope that they are as happy as we are and that they never get parted. Well honey I will have to send this away today and it looks like they are going to vault me out again. So I hope to hear from you soon and you and Howard have a lot more to write about than I have and you can write any thing where I have to think and be careful what I put in these envelopes. Well hope to get a letter and will write one soon.


XXXXX   I love you as much as

XXXXX ever and honey you are one who is true to me as I

XXXXX  am to you. All my love bill XXX

XXXXX Big one for Howie


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