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Date: August 9th 1944
Helen and Howie


No./1 Canadian Advance

Base Workshop H.Q. Coy

R.C.E.M.E. British Liberation

Army Canadian Army Overseas

Dearest Helen and Howie

Well my loves how are you hope you have received my last letters. And I am waiting pationtly for an answer. Say have you seen Mom and Dad lately and how are the girls I had a letter from them I think I told you that in the last letter. I answered them. I have been looking forward for the last week for a letter from you honey shore hope those pictures come soon, I haven’t been doing anything other than the army stuff. Went to a show held the other night and had a good sing song the night befor Good to pass the evenings Shor with I could write you every night but I am afraid I would be saying the same thing over to often. Well my love what have you been doing lately hope you have been a good wife and how is our we son and his troubles should be over it all now. Just like his old man was. You know I think it is from those needles he had it does the same thing to me. That is the only way they efect me. By the way how is our back coming now should be home to take care of it. Or make you take care of it I should say. Hope you aren’t working to hard now. Have you seen Ken Langlor lately or heard of him and what is he doing. Be good to him his sister said to me when we went to school wish I could get the yellow rat over here. Well enough of

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Original Scans