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Date: August 17th 1944
Helen and Howie


No. 1 Canadian Advance

Base Work shops R.C.E.M.A.

Canadian Army overseas

Dearest Helen and Howie

Well honey how are you these days not that I am not getting your mail but looking forward to some more every min. Had a swell pacel from you the other day a real supprize. It was Howie’s picture. But I shor wish you would have had one taken of you the same time it is realy swell. Has he ever grown. Shore hope he won’t try to lick his dad when I am home. As you where saying you hoped he didn’t make strange with me well I hope not. And lets hope it won’t be to long till we can find out. Looks pretty good by the papper today what you think when will they give in. Just got a sting by a wasp right on the end of my little finger I suppose you will wonder what I did to get tht. Well I put my gloves on and be darned if right on it must have been mrs. wasp right inside the reason I say mrs. wasp is Mr. wasp wouldn’t Burn that much realy shoved it into me. It’s just starting to swell now. The reason I had my gloves on was I am cooking a nice big chicken. Boy it looks good But wish you and I could be eating it. But thats how it goes. Well honey I hope you have that money by now. And how are you making out have you enough if you haven’t just let me know and we shall flip it up and see that you do get enough.

Well I wish I could write as good as Howie can talk. What is he saying now you don’t say much about him do you. How bout a little mor of how he is how he talks and what he says. Well I hope you went over to the folks like you figured on doing. It would be a good change for you. And they like to have you. So don’t be afraid to go and make it your home if you wish. Well honey looks like this page has plaid out. So I must close. Hope you can make it out. I don’t know what is wrong I can’t write. Well love be shore and write soon I love you and over and over again. All my love to you both. OOOOXXXXX

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Original Scans