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Date: August 18th 1942

MA646 Sar. Evans

6 field Reg. 91st BTY.

Canadian Army Overseas

Aug 18, 1942 Aug 18, 1942

Dearest Helen.

How are you I hope as well as you where. I am OK. You can expect a lot of these letters because they will get to you faster I got all your parcels and at the time I am out of smokes so I hope you will send more gosh I should have writen this on a table. It is to hard on the grass to get these letters in one line. I shore wish I could send you something for your birthday but I can’t very well. But I will be thinking of you and your love my love. Write and let me know how long these take to reach you. I hope they get there in a hurry because it makes it seem you are closer when I can get word from you before 2 months or so has passed. So you can see I will have to quit now. But be shore and write me soon hope you are all fine with all my love Bill


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Original Scans