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Date: August 23rd 1942

2 letter

91st Bty. 6 Field Reg

C.A.O. writen

Aug 23 1942

Dearest Helen

Well how is my love I shore hope you are fine. I was shore glad to get that swell parcel you sent in July. I shore wish I could get back and get some of that swell grub again. It realy went down good. got it on the 2 Aug. I guess it keeps you busy sending parcels over dosn’t it. Well I shore enjoy them and so do my chums I like to edge in on theres so when I get one they are right here. Well I havn’t been doing much lately.

I went to a dance last Sat. night and I had a fare tie but I shore miss you. Because I didn’t have any one to take home like I used to. Well it is better than going mad in this camp. Say I shore made good use of some of that P&G Soap last night I washed close till 12 oclock. in the dark. I didn’t see them till this morning but to my supprice theya re clean you can see we don’t realy get much time to ourselfes when I stay up at night to do close

I could have done them Sun. But it seems like I get the kitchen every time I wan’t to do anything. I am still getting the kitchen onse in a while. like I did in Calgary. Myself and my chum Sliped away from a dich digging job and that is what we got and today we had to clean and hall ammunition So I hope it is over with now. ha. Well my love I have a feeling it is pretineer time to eat. The horn is getting warmed up. I have some more clothes to wash tonight and Darn I should write mother and Mae and the other kids. But I think I will have to let it go till I get a little more time on the schums. When I am alone. Well Sweetheart I am OK. and don’t wory if you wan’t to be as big as strong as your old man Ha.Ha. Well honey as you can see I haven’t writen anything of any importance. But thanks a million for the things you sent. I can use everything But don’t you think I may go and get a gal with that gum after all that is what you and I had the first night. haha. Don’t mind my joking kid I feel that way tonight. I shore hope you and Jena make out OK. and that her & Ken don’t kick you around to much. There I go talking about it again it makes me so darn homesick when I think of it. Well I better go eat and see if I can think of something els to write time off for lunch be back in a min.

Well here I am again. I just had Supper and it wasn’t to bad this time in fact it had been good the last few days. I hope you don’t mind the Greece on the papper because I havn’t had time to wash yet and have been working on the truck today. I have got it in pretty good shape now. It was dam neer a wreck when I got it and I have gon over it from one end to the other. So if I have to take a gun into action some day I don’t be stoped when I should be going. I havn’t taken my machanics test yet but I think it won’t be long and that means 25c a day more so heres hoping we get it. We may be able to put a little money away hay what you think. I may make a man yet but a poor one. Well honey I need you to keep me wam, I darn neer freeze at night out here. It is so damp in these tents. Out clothes feel like they were just puled out of the wash in the morning. You can’t keep a press in your clothes a tall. Well sweetheart I will have to call this a letter because I can’t think of anything to write. But wish you would send me some more pictures I have these woren out looking at them. Well my love lets hope we will be together before lone and just remember your as close to me as any one could be infact you are part of me. So don’t wory about some dame getting me away on the wrong track. Will say good by fore now and will write again soon and please say hello to all fore me. and don’t mind the writing

Well here I go on another page I am a bad boy tonight I think of quiting nut one page leads to another. I am going on leave with Ben next month I hope. Just think we have been married about 8 months now. And it seams I have been away a year. Well I am going to quit this time. So yours for ever and as true as you wan’t me

With all my love

Dearest just the old pest

Bill Evans

PS. Write soon and don’t make them to short.

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