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Date: August 25th 1944
Helen and Howie

P.S. How about a big fat letter honey your husband Bill

No.1 Advance Bau

Workshops R.C.E.M.S.

Can. Army. Overciese


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well my love how are you these days. I had a swell gift from you yesterday a 300 lot of cigs Export. Bot I was out for a hole week and they realy looked good as you can imagine. Well love, I had a letter from mom tonight saying she hot word from you that I was in Italy. Was you supprised. I wasn’t going to tell you at all only Jake must have said something. But what made you figure I was way over there. I think you better have another guess. Hope to have a letter from you soon. and hope to have a big picture of you and Howie I have a swell one of Howie But I hope you get one of you for me Please. Well honey I am pretty tyred tonight andI think I should go to bed and get a little shut eye and dream of you once again. Say you know I dremp of Howie the other night shore hope I won’t have to dream any more as I hope to be home soon. Well I must close as it dark now. And I will finish this off quick and get it away to you. Give my love to Howie. And don’t forget to take all you want all you want as I figure on filling everything you have been missing when I get back and hope you do the same of me. Well I hope I am doing O.K. in writing this as I can’t see a darn thing but the papper. I love you very very much darling and am forever yours honey

All my love dearest




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