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Date: September 18th 1942

91st Bty 6 Field Reg. C.A.O.

Sep 18

Dearest Helen.

Well how is my love I am o.k. The boys are all going out on a shoot today but for once I am not going and I thought it a good time to write you a letter I am going on leave on the 22nd Sep. and I think I will look up some of the boys. And I will try and see Ben. I then think I will go to Edinbane Scotland. And take a good look around and by that time it will be time for one to come home. We get 7 days every three months here. There was a swell band here last night boy it is shore good to hear a good old Canadian Band again they sprung a few jokes and they where pretty good I think they will make you laugh. So one of the jokes was a husband, talking to his wife. He said, “Mother you better take those dice away from the babby before he craps. That is what the boys say when you don’t put in the money in a crap game. I think you have heard of it. Well it was told good and it realy went over big. The other joke I thought pretty good was a lady was looking at the notices around and she read save on lights, shortage of electricity. And another said save on coal use less heat. And then the boy came in the house a day or so later and said Mother put out the fire and put out the light dads coming home. And is full of heat and overloaded with juice [?] it. I think they would have lots of light and heat if I was the old man. Ha ha.

Well Hony this is Friday and I have a little time so will try and finish this letter. The boys aren’t back yet but they are coming home tonight sometime. Gosh I have so darn much work to do getting my things clean to go on leave. When I start working on it I wish I wasn’t going. But I am in the kicker today

It seams I get in there in a week any way if not more I was in yesterday afternoon and that is why I had to let this letter go. Well dear I am all alone in the tent now and wish you where here to keep me company. There are a few letters in tonight the boys said and shore hope there are some for me.

Well kid I just read over one of your letters a little while ago asking me how I got your mail I get some letters about every 2 weeks which seems a month. but they are coming from no 1 C.A.R.U yet so when you send my new address I will get them 1 or 2 a week. Well kid you say you aren’t working hard hay you better not and lets hope your back will get stronger. Well honey have you made up your mind what we are going to call the little one. Bill is ok by me I just wanted to start an argument. And if it is a girl I would say Helen would be the one and only one best you can figure that out for yourself because by the time you get this letter, it may be all over. That is the trouble of this darn letter business But I guess it can’t helped. And I won’t write and tell you that I [?] coming back because it will come over the air when the war is over. Well lets forget that for now because as you say the more you think about it the worse it gets, Well kid that chest idia is pretty good but I hope the things don’t get old in it by the time I get there. Well dearest one I just don’t know of much to write I have said all I can think of and realy I would love to keep on going all day but if you find it as hard to put any thing in your letters I will excuse you when they are short. But kid you know what the army is like you can’t write a darn thing about what we are doing and for yours and my safety I intend to keep my mouth shut. So there has been so many things happen to brake you and I up now that I am not going to let it get another foot hold. I shore will be glad and am waiting the day when I will be able to hold you close to me again. Are you I hope so.

Well this will be my last page as I will have to go and get a little more dish washing done like you say I will be all ready and well experionst at it when I get back and I wish I where doing it for you now instead of for the army but I suppose in a way I am because this is mor fight and I think you are doing more to it then I am.

Well do you know I am on another page But I feel like filling it up with xxx and ooo. So you be a good wife and I will remain a good husband and make the babby a good boy. So when I get back I can spoil him. Or we can both spoil him together.

Well honey you have all my love and I will always think the same of you. So until the next letter I am yours for ever.



Bill Senior

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