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Date: September 22nd 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen. And Howie.

Well my loves here I am again to say a few words. I am looking forward to another letter from you soon. I missed 3 days now. 3 hole days of looking forward to word from you. I suppose I can’t expects one every day can I? I told you I received your swell letter with the pictures of our we feller and that I was still looking for one of you. How about it? Thats what we will do when I get back to is get our pictures taken all together when we get time.

My pen must have getting impatient you see that blot. But I guess when you gotta go you gotta go. even yors, Have you seen the folks lately yours and mine and did you get the letter I sent to you to forward to Shortz for me. What do you think of the war news now. Boy we are just listening when ever we are near a radio for the good news of it over to come. I wonder how long we will have to wate for it. Well it is close any way honey after all this time we can at least look ahead and see us back together. I still can’t get much sleep at night just longing to have you near me. But now that its so close I guess I can wait till the thing is over like I always said I would. I had a snap taken the other day of me and if it turns out O.K. you asked me what I wanted for Xmas there is only one thing and that is you and if I can’t have that I don’t want anything exept the next best thing and that is a enlarged picture of you or what would be better is a picture in tecnocolor pocket size of you. Sort of looks like the page is getting short. Hope you havn’t been working to hard because if you have I will know when I get home So you better not be.

Well my love I can’t think of anything only how I wish I could hold you in my arms and get in some good sheets with you. I know what would happen and we would lay awake the rest of the night talking like we used to. I liked that but I shore don’t like this talking to myself and playing with ----- all night. I do love you kid and I must close now a letter will be falowing soon All my love dearest


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Original Scans