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Date: December 7th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well my love here I am once more just to say helo and let you know I am OK. Much to my supprise I am still with the R.C.E.M.E. only I am up with Stan. Baptised remember him I was realy supprised to see him. Bill Folk is here to so its not so bad here when you have the boys Stan is sitting reading a papper now. Dud you receive any letter I sent from holding unit yet on note I should say we are planing on going to see the show some time tonight. did you tell mother when you got my last letter I am going to try and write her tonight. I have so darn many I should write but it seems I just can’t get around to it, I was showing Stan my snaps last night and you know talking over old times even the night he took you to the dance and I took Naden. remember our first night Boy what could I do to have it all over again I have never run into Mr. Brown yet but the other boys have seen him. You know I was just trying to figure out how I could get leave home today but it is just to bad I havn’t been over long enough. And there isn’t any way I can dubble the years up So I guess I will just have to wait. But the boys that are married in England seem to be getting them by the papper today. Say I won’t be getting any mail from you for a while I guess as it always takes a long time to catch up. By the way you had better address all your letters to M36468 Cn Evans S.W. No. 7 C.I.B. Workshop


And I am working in the shops at the present time I hope not for long as I don’t like it and never will not in the Army, How is our we Howie doing getting into as much trouble as ever or is he getting mor like his dad? Ha ha. He shor takes after you though. Well it looks like I had better quit as I havn’t much to write about only that I love you dearest and of course I always will and just hope and pray that we can get this dam war over with and get together for good. How is shorty I had a letter from him wich I havn’t answered from him some time ago. I shor wish I could get caught up on my letters for a change. Well honey I must close now. And I will say if I can get around to a good long letter tomorrow to you shore isn’t much to write about only. That I have met some of the boys and I run into a lot from the 6th my old bty.

All my love dearest

I love you and give my love to Howie

Your Husband Bill



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