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Date: December 10th 1942

Ftroop West Bty.  Coln. Field REg

Dec 10 1942

Dearest Helen.

Well how is my love I am back of guard now. wich I told you in the last letter I was doing on. I received your airgraph sent on 11 of Nov. I hope you are feeling as well now as you where then. I hope you and the Babby are not quarling Well honey I wish I could receive letter from you that was writen after the 25th Nov. Bu I suppose it will be the next one I get.

I have writen letter after letter with the same things in it for about 2 months now because I just don’t know what to write till I hear from you. I am going to get a few pictures of myself taken one of these days if it ever quits raining. And send them to you. Well honey I think I will call this enough for now and see if I can think of something to write after while. So will be back in a little while.

Well here I am again. Just finis-hed seeing a free show we had here. Boy it is shor heck to come back to this place it was a seal holiday when I went on guard we had real good meals and even an egg fried on toast which is the first one I have had since I left home the day befor that moment that I will never forget when I pulled out of the station. Will you ever forget it I bet not and I shore hope I will be one of the lucky once and be able to pull in that station again.

Well I guess I shouldn’t talk like that but you know what a war is anyway. Well honey I wan’t you to keep one more secret don’t tell a sole and for peet sake don’t write back here and tell Ben what I am going to let you in on he may have told you but I don’t think I received a letter from him tonight with tow from you and one from the girls and one from home. well to tell you what Ben said he wrote me telling me he wanted to see me and talk things over and that I better write him write back and tell him what I thought of him getting married and he put it in a funny way. like it may be a case of having to. But I am not going to write him I will go and see him if I can barrow some cash as he is a quite a ways from here. These girls over here are realy slick about things you know as well as I do how easy a girl can roap a man in, So if he don’t know how to get out of it I do that is if that is what has happened? He only knew her fore about 4 days and 7 at the most as he met her on leave. But he may have found the one fore him only I am going to make shore if I have to do a little feeling around to find out. But you have know idea how many fellows are getting roped in over here. The only thing the girls go out with a Canadian is for that reason just so they can get back to Canada. And a lot of them admit it, as I have met a few at the dances out here there are lots have times they have asked me to come out with them and even when I said I was married well they said what difference dose that make can’t you get rid of her they say so from that you can guess what they are like not saying that his is like that because there are boud to be some OK. Well to get off that Subject before you start thinking I am a bad boy. But kid you never need to worry about that not that I don’t miss you a heck of a lot but I just am a one mans woman I guess.

And I think you may be a one womans man slightly twisted but anything for a laugh not saying that I don’t mean it with all my heart when you get it turned arownd. I wish I where there to turn things around you say like I used to. And lay in bed trying to make you think I was mad. When I could hardly keep from falling all over you. But when you started to think I was realy mad at you I couldn’t stand it remember. How often I think of it and then to come back to my sences and think of what I am doing a way over here and what you are doing there. It seams like a nightmair to me and I pray some day I can realy wake up in the morning with you and babe beside me instead of some darned old army bed and a uniform waiting for me to get on, The reason I miss writing some times is because I get so damed discusted with everything and I was worrying about you and you know how it is you don’t feel like writing inkase you say the wrong thing that may make you worry to.

Well honey I think I will call this a letter but in future if the letters don’t come every week don’t worry because sometimes I can’t write because we aren’t allowed to it just depends what we are doing and where we are at. and I have a funny feeling about things over here. But never think that I am losing my love for you that is an imposability. Well honey will havto say good by to you and the Babby for now don’t forget to give him a big lot of kissesfor me.

honey, I wish I where there.

All my love kid and don’t worry about me. Daddy Bill.



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