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Date: September 6th 1942

F. troop. 91st Bty 6 Cdn. Field Reg.


Sep. 6 1942.

Dear Helen.

Well I am back to camp now and I have a little time tonight so thought I would write you a line or two. Well how she going kid, good I hope. I was sleeping for about 2 hours today so I can’t say I am to tired to write if I can just think of something to say now. Well dear. I wish you could have been with us on the trip the other day it was swell you can’t imagine how pretty it is over here untill you see it. But I was dam tired last night when I got home from driving all day. And in the dark to. Gosh I don’t know if I am going on leave for 7 days or not I hope so. Just to get away from camp for a while it is so darn muddy out here all the time you slip to dinner and slide back. I got wound up in a thorn tree last night when I went to the toilet. It was dark as the ace of spades and I got of the path and did I ever have a heck of a time and I was in a hurry to. One of the boys had to get me untangled. When those darn things get ahold of you it isn’t funny especialy when you are in a hurry. On the way back to camp yesterday I took the wrong road and the Sarge which was drunk the night befor got mad and we had a real old argument as I was tired anyway. That is one thing a gunner out here is just as good as a Sarg, when it comes to bolling a guy out, So I told him where to go and how to get there and to stay put. in other words I flew of the handle. But it was all cooled of in a few min. and things whent good all the way after that. We are going to have a party here like we had in Camrose and I think that will be a bad night because when these boys get drinking they realy go to town. Well honey my pen ran out of ink and I had to go fill it so you can see by the writing and I ran all the way. It seams there is a good show here tonight by what the boys say so I think I will go, can I? I wish I could hear your reply. I received, mothers letter written on the 30 July so hope to get one from you, which I will soon I know it seems I look for a letter every day from you if I get the one the night befor or not. Mother said she hadn’t seen you for a while I hope there isn’t any thing between you is there.? Remember when I used to say you where the sweetest girl in the world it still goes kid. Some of the boys have been getting letters and wires from home that they have heard of the radio here I hope you never wory of me because I will be ok. I have got along over here ok. And I am to onery to kick off. hay isn’t that what you think. Well how is our little one coming along good I bet. Boy am I ever proud I just hope you both will be Ok. Honey I think I will rest your eyes for this time. I should write to a lot of people over there and a lot of the boys here to. So as hard as it is to do I will say goodnight X for now I love you

OXOXOXXXXXXXXXOOO kid more than ever


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