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Date: December 10th 1944
Helen and Howie

No.7 CIB.



C.W.E.F 10/12/44

Dearest Helen and Howie.

Here I am once more I wrote to you on the 10th but it was just a note to let you know how I was. I just wrote a letter to mom and Dad. I asked them what they could do about getting a farm if we desided to go farming the money we get after the war is about $1000 and if we go on a farm it is around $15600 for the farm and 1200 for implements. They pay the best for a farm. What do you think I wish we could talk it over but I would like to find out what we are going to do just in case they do ask me what I wan’t to do when the war is over. We could get a garage or a transport but there is only one catch those if a bad year comes up we are finished. What do you wan’t to do Honey it don’t matter in the least to me I can be an Electrision but a fellow has to be away a lot and I don’t think much of being away from you any more than I have to we have been appart to long now. And we have to think of Howie and his little sisters when he has one. Think it over honey and let me know. It will give us something to write about. Well how is our we son boy I wish I was going home on leave like a lot will be soon. I have another 6 months to go yet. But I hope it is all over by then and I won’t need my leave just that blue slip.  Stan Baptist left today so I suppose it will be a while befor I see him by the way I am in Holand now. Plenty of rain here at present I told you I left most of my things at No.1 didn’t I but I will see if I can’t get them one of these days. There is talk of us getting leaves to England. I don’t see thy why can’t give the married men leaves to Can. If they don’t wan’t to go to England but they won’t do it as yet. I have been on guard for all the nights since I came here but they let me off tonight as I went to the M.O. with a cold and got 24hrs excused duty. Not bad hay well I have to get some time of  to write a letter home don’t I.

did I tell you Bill Kalk is getting married in England. He has a nice looking girl to. There are shor a lot of fellows married over there I bet half of the Can. Army is taking an English girl home with them. what do you think I should I bring one from England France Belgium and Holand and even Germany just to keep you company. What you say good idea don’t you think haha. Well honey putting all jokes aside I better close now as it is pretineer 11:30 and I have to shave yet and make my bed. How I wish you where there waiting for me yes even in this bed I have here but that day won’t be long I hope. All my love dearest I love you mor and mor all the time. So do wait for me won’t you. Your loving Husband Bill


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