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Date: September 4th 1942

Letter 2

Cndn. Field Reg 91st Bty F troop


Sep 4 1942

I havn’t an envelope so will whit till I get home

To the Dearest and sweetest girl in the world.

Dearest Helen.

Well honey how is my love now I hope you are the best. I am just fine. I am out on the range for 3 or 4 days. And right now I am in my truck sending you a few lines, Well kid I said in my last letter I was going to try and get to be a driver mechanic. I had my test the other day and what do you think I made it and they passed me as a motor mechanic which is as high as you can get without hooks. So you can see I am pretty pleased about it. There were 14 of us went to take the test and 3 of us passed and the boy I chumed with befor I came to the field passed for a m.m. too It means 25 ₵ a day more at least. I get paid for the D.m. and 50₵ a day if I draw what I should. Well dear it means we will have more money and if I can just get a chance I will grab a hook or two and get some more. But it takes time.

I bet mother and dad will get a supprise when I tell them But I told them I would do it some day. I think the only reson I passed it was because I knew I could. And I learned all I know from doing my fooling around on my old heeps and dads.  So thank dad for letting me learn on his car to. Do you see what I see my pen is going dry. I gave it to another kid the other night and he never filed it by the looks of things. Well dearest I will be glad to get back to camp again I am so dam tired, I darn near fell asleep on the road and you know how long I can go without sleep so you can figure out how much running I have been doing. Gosh have you heard from Ben. I hope you have: I havn’t for a long time. I lost a lot of boys I know well and hope Ben is o.k. which he is I am shore. But you know how it is I suppose he thinks the same about me. But it is his turn to write I guess he is going all the time like me. Well don’t let those few lines upset you because you will know if any thing goes rong before we do. Well dear how are you and the little one is he still keeping you awake at night I hope he will keep your back warm till I get back. I wish I had one over here to do the same. What have you been doing I would like to know everything don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Gosh it has shore been raining a lot here. I been getting stuck and getting other trucks stuck all the last two weeks and by the looks of things I will be doing the same tomorow. Gee kid thanks a lot for your picture I wish you would send more. But I don’t like the way you have your hair done in it. Well my love I have only one sheet of papper hear left and it is suposed to be left in the truck but if I can fill it up I will. I can’t realy think of much to write, But I have been to a few dances here. I should say and I am having a little fun. I have been to a lot of shows when they come to camp we usualy have 2 a week. So I think that is enough don’t you. I sent you an airgraph the other day hope you get it.

Well here gose the last page. Well I was just thinking another week and you will be 22 dam I wish I could be there to spank you and other things. I am still planning on getting some pictures taken as soon as I can and I hope they are good. The boys say I am getting a little fatter I don’t know but I was thin when I came out here. But I have got more used to worrying now and things are going better now so I told you a little more money for us. There is a show on tonight But I thought and felt I had to write you while I got the time so please over look the poor writing as it is getting dark. Gee I wish I could see lights again all I see here is what we have on the trucks. They are all coverd in but a little hole which is exacly this big so you can see how much light we have to drive with you can only see the other cars because that is all the light is there at all for. Well there goes the alarm so will close for now and will write soon. All of me yours Dear

I am all yours dear

Bill Evans.


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