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Date: September 3rd 1944
Helen and Howie

No. 1 Colvance Base

Work shops R.C.E.M.E.



Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well my loves here I am once more to say hello. It is now about 11.30 Sun morning and I am laying down just wishing I had you beside me so I could put my arm around you like I used to remember. It looks like I may get home befor long by the news the war is going pretty good isn’t it. But it just don’t seem like it can be so close because we have been at it so long. Boy I have waited a long time to get home lets hope I make it I don’t know just what I would do if I did go back right now I can make a good guess can you think what may happen as soon as I get back. Well honey I was going to say I was about out of ink but you can see what happened. Well a change of color a change of conference they say. I havn’t had a letter since I wrote last but I think I have plenty to catch up with don’t you I told you I was turning over a new leaf and I hope I shall never run out of a few words to write at least once a week. I wrote you an airmail the other night just hope it reaches you and you are as well as I am but am I ever homesick for my wife or lovesick I don’t know which I shouldn’t lay here thinking about it and it wouldn’t bother me. Dose it still bother you? Well better change the subject even if it is a good one. Have you seen the folks lately and how are they. How is [?] and Evan getting along and I had a letter from Gorge yesterday wich I must answer right away. How is our we fella coming along hope he is rid of that dam old rash. I can imagine how it is to get rid of I remember when Bruce had one. But don’t forget his old man was a weekling when he was small so they tell me and he may be the same in that respect. But lets hope it is all over now. Including this war befor I brake out in one. Just a little humer coming out again didn’t think I had any left. Well I went to a show last night don’t worry about who I went with it was one of the boys and the only girls that where there was on the stage. And there where a lot of people sitting in front of me so I didn’t stand a chance. There is a show a film tonight So will strol down and take a look at a few people making love as I think it is that sort. Always brings back old memories when we used to. Remember that night in the show in [?] when I was holding your hand without the other knowing I will never forget that. Nor the day you droped the book in Church. By the way how are our friends getting along now. I hope you give me a good answer to the Air mail I just wrote as I feel I can do something about it if there is need to. They realy put on a good show last night. There where 5 girls and 5 boys and they did some good dancing and real good western play pistol packing [?] [?]. They made me feel like going out and shooting up some Gerry so I can get back to my mom [?]. This darn love is a funny thing after all this time I still long for my one and only wife. Well my love I must finish this letter or I will be going on here all night I know I havn’t said much. But it is as close as I can get to you now and I feel I could go on saying nothing forever but that would never do as we would have nothing to talk about when I got home. But we could still do a lot couldn’t we? I hope this letter reaches you finding you well and as happy as could be if you still miss me like I do you you couldn’t be in a very good mood. I love you dearest honey and God bless you and keep you well till I get home and can do it myself. Give Howie a big kiss for me and I do hope he will own his old man when I get home. I do think of that a lot so do what you can to make him understand. Must close now with all my love dearest I am yours forever

Your Husband.

P.S. Write soon as I do long for your swell letters they make me feel like I am a man without anyone to think of one when the mail comes in and I don’t here from you I always get a letter from some one but it is yours I am looking for. Do be good.

All my love.

Yours Bill.


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