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Date: October 19th 1942

F troop C Cddn. Field Reg.

Oct. 19. 1942

Dearest Helen,

Well here I am again. I havn’t heard from you since I wrote the last letter so I may not be able to think of much to put dow however here goes. We are in Wales now and I like it here. But it was a heck of a long trip and I was unlucky again and had to drive all the way all the rest had a spare driver. And to make things worse I had trouble with the truck my gas line plugd up and maby you think I didn’t have fun trying to keep up with the rest. We hav to go out tomorrow on a shut and is it ever going to be mudy it has been all day and the mud here is just the same as it was out at Vancouver dad can tel you what that is like. Boy do I ever get disscusted with this place or I should say the Regiment it seems I can’t get where I wan’t when I wan’t to. I wanted to go in to see a show tonight and they put me on the truck but I got of when it was to late to go. Well honey I suppose when you get this letter you may be mother and me pop or close to it, That is the trouble with this slow mail but I will send you an Airgraph soon and see if they will get there faster.

I just thought of something els to tell you I am going to try and get a transfer to R.C.O.C. and if I do I may get doing what I wan’t to I can’t get working on truck motors steady here. I would like to get back to Ben but I wouldn’t be any further ahead. because He is doing the same as I am. I havn’t seen him for a long time or even recieved a letter from him. But I know what it is to write I can only get a letter to you and home. half as much as I should. Well dear I think I will make this a letter or should I call it a note hope it will find you in the best of health just like I am at present exept for the thought of being without you But hope we will be together soon with all my love, Dearest you true husband Bill. ooooo xxxxx

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