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Date: October 10th 1942

F troop 91st Bty 6 Field Reg

Canadian Army Over.

Oct 10 1942

Dearest Helen

Well kid here I am at last. I have been going to write you for about a week now but it seemed like I just didn’t get around to it. I am on guard now and have a little time so will try my best. Well now that my excuse is over I may get down to writing. Well how are you I am just fine and have been getting your letters regular. I must write the kids to and mother I am so dam far behind that it isn’t even funny. Well I went on leave I didn’t get to tell you much about it in my last letter. I am still on the old truck and believe it or not I got [?] for it when I was away for 7 days. I am sending you a few post cards I got when in Edinburgh. I couldn’t send you any of the cards taken showing the outside of it but I think they are the best. Well all this scenery is the same as any other you see on thing and you see them all. These cards are all taken inside the Castle they are only showing a few of the places in it but it is realy a large place covers about 9 or 10 acers of land. It is built up on a large rock. I will try and send you a picture taken from the outside if I can. x

I wan’t to get some pictures taken or some snaps of myself to send you. And I hope to get more from you. By the way how is Juno I Hope as fine as could be. Does mother and dad still hate the thought of having another babby. I hope they don’t. Because it would be a swell Christmas present for dad. But it wouldn’t be such a nice one for mother. Well hears hoping our babby will see this Christmas and that we will all have the next one together. So you don’t like the idea of me being in the 2 div. Well what say I get out [?] the reason a made a joke of that getting out stuff is because it is just like trying to get home befor the war is over.

There are some of the boys going home from the first div but you have to have a lot of munay to do that and we aren’t rich are we. Well honey I will have to make this the last page and make it fast as I have to go on guard right away. Well kid I think I better mail this write away and send another as soon as I get around to writing I will try and make time this week in fact I will, Well I hope you write more than this to me. But your parcels are swell and everything went good. But kid to make the parcel lighter you don’t realy have to send fruit, Because we get a lot of it here, But it isn’t as good. Not that is wasn’t appreciated because it was swell only I thought you could send more small stuff like that soap and coffee. If you aren’t rashond on it. Well there isn’t much I could write if I did have the time. But remember be good and I love you as ever and more if that could be Will write soon. As you can see I haven’t been doing much. By gosh I hav to write to Eva and [?] to. So you aren’t the only one getting neglected. Well good night my love. Til we meat again wich won’t be long. Your husband that will love you as much as ever for ever. Just your




P.S. I hope you get this letter befor you go to the hospital wich I think you will. All my love honey,

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