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Date: September 24th 1944
William Hollett

Sun. Sept 24th 1944

Lincoln S Wellond


Dear Ebbie,

I received your letter yesterday, it syre was swell – thanks a lot. I can tell you kid there’s nothing quite like a letter from home sorry to repeat I haven’t seen Cliff yet, and what’s more I may not till we both get home as in, Europe is a mighty big place you know. Cliff was in France last I heard of him and I am in Belgium so figure it out for yourself. I had a letter from Dad yesterday too. According to him he’s been having one Hell of a time this past summer: I guess he did the [alslomd ?] over good, eh? Irene is no doubt out West by now, she’ll surely be far away, won’t she? It’ll be tough not seeing her and the kids again, but who can tell we may all get to-gether again one of these days, lets hope so anyway. I wrote mom yester-day. Quite a long letter – four pages to be exact which is more than I can write to you because I only have this one sheet of paper. I had quite a bundle of it before but we had to swim for it on a day last week and that ruined the paper and a lot of other things too – [speaking?] corn boils, we had one last Saturday night it wasn’t too good as the ones we used to have back a good old [crows? Crowns?] point, but then we can’t have everything, can we? Tom Koy and I are both in the [same?] regiment now, He joined us yesterday along with a few other chaps a couple of whom I am also acquainted with. There are now four Sydney Miners in our company “good show” eh. Henri and I are finally parted. It was tough to lose such a swell friend but that’s the way it goes. Henri is in the Algonquin Regiment while as you no doubt have guessed I am I the Lincoln and Wellond Regiment.

How’s Agnes these days? I guess she’s fine though, beautiful girls only have to worry about which beau they should favour –but side of that they never seem to have any worried. You should be able to answer that yourself. Speaking of beauty, these Belgium girls sure have it, I just wish you could see them – but they don’t [s___y?] the same language so we don’t get anywhere. Well kid there’s not much else I can say except write soon and take care of yourself – so long and cheerio


F11177 Pt. Holleyy W.L. Lincoln & Wellond Regt.

 “D” Coy. C.A.O.

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Original Scans

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