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Date: September 30th 1944
William Hollett

Sat. Sept 30th 1944

Lincoln S Wellond Regt.


Dear Dad: -

It’s about ten days since I received your swell letter, sorry I haven’t been able to answer sooner but then that’s the army for you go! go! go! all the time. I owe three letters besides this one I only hope I can answer them before the war’s over. I’m certainly glad to bear of your travels, I guess we the men of the family sure do get around, eh? but then why not when the Government’s paying for it. Believe me I for one have sure seen one Hell of a lot of country since last Jan, but I think Belgium bests them all, we really can’t figure out what we’re fighting for, they seem to have everything: lots of things that the English people would give a lot to see and eat and wear. They are well fed well clothed and the cleanest people I ever saw; why they even scrub the side walks outside the houses and the walls of their houses. We had a leave yesterday and after a bath and a change of under-wear and and  socks, we went to Brugge on the Coast. It’s really a longer Market Centre because it sow [?] no [e_______?] other things, some small ones ie. coffie makers, cigar. manufacturers, cheese makers and of course the usual Beer brewers. The girls all over Belgium are so pretty as any I’ve seen and what’s more they use no cosmetics. By gosh Dad it’s hard to think of things to write about in fact I must admit since I’ve come over here I can’t seem to find anything whatever to write about. so if you’ll forgive me I believe I’ll just close now and write someone else to-morrow so dad



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Original Scans

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