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Date: October 13th 1944
William Hollett

Oct 13th 1944

Linc. S Well. [?]



Dear Dad:-

This is to be a one page ans. to your most welcome letter of Oct 1st which I received yesterday. the point is I’m as overwhelmed with letter that I have a hell of a time keeping them answered. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a extra job just sittin up nights with nothing to do but read papers, drink coffee and write letters. Id not be able to do it. St. Theresa’s shrine seems like ages since, in fact I’d almost forgotten it when I read the reference in your letter. yes, I guess I’ve done a lot of travelling since then through both hostile and friendly cities, towns and villages. I believe I can safely say too, that I’ve done more good than evil if that’s any satisfaction to you back there. I just finished a letter to Ada and I also wrote you only a couple of days ago. you have just about all the news there is. I reckon Irene’s leaving sure must leave a big lonely gap back there. I know [?] is probably missed the most too. However these still [?] and now that illustrations [?] of the French’s “Ricky” Ada sound very proud, I guess Lloys is too. I understand from a recent letter from Evelyn that she was [?] on staying in Toronto this [?]. Its nice to learn that Vern has a better job now. Cliff and I aren’t likely to meet over here the vastness of this just is too much to permit [?] such a thing even happening. Ive asked many times but so far no luck. I’d sure like to know how you managed to interest Kink in the lawnmower. Apperently he did a great job as I’ve had several references to the [?]. I guess the green [?] are probably finished by now and you can settle down to enjoying life again excuse this writing as I’m in an awful hurry [?] [?] I’ll have to sign off now. Tell mom not to worry I’m just swell



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Original Scans

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