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Date: November 29th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie.

Well honey how are you these days this leaves me just fine. I had a swell letter from you on the 28th. And it was in answer to the one wher I told you that I was in France. Well what is our we son doing I hope he is well and you to naturaly: You said that Mrs. Begg passed away She shor lingured a long time didn’t she. Its to bad realy but I guess that’s just the way the world goes round I am glad that I am over here so I have an excuse for not going to the Funeral as that’s one thing I hate: Whats Stewart think of being at home again, does he want to come back and is his wife over there yet. Say you said you wanted to get another victory bond and asked if you should. Its ok. By me honey only don’t forget to find out when you can Colect them. Theres a lot of war bonds out. And it may take a while befor they get around to paying off. But just find out if you can and then there won’t be any hard feelings toward the Government if they do make some delay I think most people on that side figure as soon as the war ends they get paid off. They may be right but it’s a big meaning to that word. BUT what you think I am shor making a hell of a job of this letter tonight one would think I was drinking or somthing but I shore havn’t. You mentioned again that you wished we had a place of our own. Your not the only on. And we will have if every thing goess right when I get back. How are Ben and Sol making out. Have you heard from Bens wife or does she write.

Have you seen the folks lately and tell Mae and Kay I wrote them just the other night and am wayting for a speedy repply I sent you a parcel the other day and I have another soveneer here to get away to you. But I was looking around for a Birthday present for Howie. And you can’t get a darn thing thats any good here the Gerries have pretty well cleaned it out I will have another look this week and see if I have missed anything But if I cant get anything I will send a few pennys for his Bank. I couldn’t sent the money I told you I was going to I could have sent $25.00 but there was a mistake in my pay book and I only had $54.00 in it when I get the mistake corected so I will let it go for another month and then see what I can do about it. Well my love I sort have had it as they say in England when the page runs out. So I must close now with all my love

From your Loving Husband xxxxxxx

Howies ooooooo xxxxxxx

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