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Date: November 29th 1944
Helen and Howie


Dearest Helen and Howie

I am very sorry honey that I havn’t written the last week but you know I just wasn’t in the mood or in the write place to write. Well I hear some of the [?] are coming over. Shor hope they get those Tailor boys in it I have a good mind to write in a special request for them. Say honey I received the swell parcel and that lovely picture of you and Howie I realy love it It looks just so real you are realy pretty and so is Howie I see he has lovely brown eyes just like yours and my hair you know we shor couldn’t say that he wasn’t our boy. I always hoped he would look like you and I guess I got my wish didn’t I only I said I hoped a girl. Next one maby. [?] you say Say honey I can’t do as I wished so much I wanted to send you those shoes but you see I am not with Dad anymore I will let you know where I am my next letter. It isn’t any good giving you my knew address as the mail will get me just as fast coming from no. 1. A.B.W. I must be a good man you know the old saying a roling stone gathers no moss. Well I don’t see how I can I have been in so many outfits now and know so many fellows that I can’t even remember these names. Well it may all be over befor long. Do you remember the outfit Jake was in when I was at home I think I may be with them. Well my love I don’t feel like writing so if you will excuse me for the time I will see if I can do better next time. Give my love to Howie and I do love you dearest honey hope you believ me, even though I can’t write tonight I would like to. Your Husband dearest love



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